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$24 • April 10 - 19 in The Alley Theater

Dear Sir or Madam,

Acting Against Cancer cordially invites you to an evening you will never forget. What was once The Alley Theater in downtown Louisville has been temporarily transformed into the eerie and unsettling Underground Hound Lounge, complete with an evasively evocative jazz singer, a meticulous mystery and intoxicating concoctions.

You are invited to visit the lounge and mingle with the world of the footlights. While there, you will also witness a performance of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound. But alas, the lounge is only open on occasional occurrences. To uncover further details of time, space, rhyme and place and to make your reservation, please click the button to your left.

What the heck is this event? Is it a play? Is it a game? What is it?

In its simplest form, The Real Inspector Hound is the third and final show of our 2014-2015 season. For this show, however, a more detailed explanation is critical. We at Acting Against Cancer have created this show to be a completely immersive theatre experience. From the minute the guests walk through the door at The Alley Theater, they are in the show.

For the first hour, guests will socialize in the lobby of the Alley, which we will have transformed into a startlingly strange speakeasy called The Underground Hound Lounge. The lounge will feature musician Gayle King as our evocative jazz singer as well as a specialty concoction and retro hors d’oeuvres. Actors from the show will also be there, interacting with guests and helping to unfurl a mystery that contains clues to deciphering the cryptic nature of the play The Real Inspector Hound. Depending on audience participation, every night will be unique with a different outcome. In the second hour, guests will make their way into the theater to watch the show. Consequently, the event is not only one of dynamic and engaging theatre, but also of an interactive and immersive experience that audiences will have never experienced before.

How long will this wildly weird event last?

The preshow action, which begins at 8:00pm for evening performances and at 2:00pm for matinee performances, will last for one hour and the show itself will last approximately one hour as well. Consequently, the experience in total will last roughly two hours.

$24 is more than I’ve paid for an Acting Against Cancer show in the past. What is my ticket getting me?

This event is indeed $5 more per ticket than other shows have been this season. The reason for that is you get a heck of a lot more bang for your buck with this show. In addition to the show itself, which will carry Acting Against Cancer’ exceptionally high production value standards, you also get to be a part of the immersive preshow mystery. AND as if that wasn’t exciting enough you also get unlimited retro hors d’oeuvres and one sparkling concoction made with Schofferhofer grapefruit beer.

Also, we love a good contest. So keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for ways to get into the show for free!

I’m broke but love theatre. Is there a way I can still see it?

Yes! We will have two half price industry nights over the course of the run. For just $12, you’ll get the full preshow mystery experience, the drink, the snacks and the show itself! Industry nights for The Real Inspector Hound will be on Monday, April 13 and Thursday, April, 16.

Where is this event? Where is The Underground Hound Lounge?

The entire event will take place in The Alley Theater at 633. W. Main Street. The name The Underground Hound Lounge is the name we have given the created speakeasy atmosphere.

Since there’s so much preshow action, what time should I arrive at this thing?

Doors to the lounge open at 7:30pm for evening performances and 1:30pm for matinee performances, and the action of the preshow mystery begins 30 minutes later. The performance of The Real Inspector Hound will begin an hour following the commencement of the preshow and run approximately one hour. To maximize on the experience, we encourage arriving no later than 8:00pm or 2:00pm depending on the day, though we will allow guests to enter up until the show begins (9:00 for evenings and 3:00pm for matinees).